#BBBKK2018 Day 1: Not Your Typical Recap

Instead of giving the usual breakdown of what was discussed in each and every panel, we decided to approach key attendees during the conference to see what they were saying about their experience.

We surveyed the entire floor of the InterContinental hotel — met with our notable speakers, media partners, and other important attendees — and asked them about their general feelings about the conference, their positive (or negative) takeaways so far, and any other feedback they wanted to share.

Beyond Blocks is all about providing the platform to give our attendees a voicehere’s what you guys were saying during (and after) Day 1.

What People Are Saying About Beyond Blocks

Dominik from CoinUp by Gifto (Media Partner)
“Despite of course, the market environment, everyone here is excited to drive the technology forward in a “real way”, and not just in an “ICO way”. It makes the space much more real and you can really see that there are actually fantastic brains in the space – and not just ‘marketeers’.”

What People Are Tweeting

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