Beyond Blocks 2018: A Year In Review

From Tokyo, to a sold-out event in Seoul, and ending the year in Bangkok —  the Beyond Blocks platform experienced tremendous growth by way of enthusiasm and support from some of the most notable companies in the industry. We’re excited to continue the momentum from 2018 and dive even deeper in 2019 with the same mission in mind: to push the industry forward, together.

In this post, we’ve prepared a visual arrangement of what we’ve accomplished as a platform in 2018, whilst providing an optimistic glimpse of what to expect in 2019.

Never Stop Engaging

2018 was a solid year for new partnerships forged on the platform — not only for Beyond Blocks but for many of our attendees. The quality mix of attendees made up of startup blockchain companies, investors, corporates, VC’s and developers really set the bar to a whole new level. There is no doubt that the caliber of quality will be pushed even greater in 2019.

Quality, Quality, Quality

The triannual summits in 2018 attracted some of the most notable blockchain companies, government institutions, and funds in the industry. If you attended any of the events, you would have witnessed some of the highest-level speakers discuss substantial topics about the current and future landscape of blockchain technology. Quality attendees mean high-quality networking value, and that’s what we always strive to provide our attendees.

A Platform Working on a Global Scale

Although considered the ‘gatekeepers’ of Asia in regards to everything blockchain, Beyond Blocks prides itself as an international platform that attracts attendees from across the globe. The enthusiasm for the technology is spread across all nations and sectors in the world, and we are the platform that connects and brings it all together under one roof. We go BEYOND Southeast Asia.

The Image Tells the Story

The majority of our attendees in 2018 were large-scale investors and blockchain startups who already had a minimum viable product to showcase. Beyond Blocks events have a diverse mix of classifications, and we’re always working to expand to different sectors in the industry.

Numbers Don’t Lie.

Our social media outreach grew significantly after each succeeding conference — and it was in large part due to the sell-out event for Summit Seoul. We expect the popularity of the platform to consistently grow in 2019 as we continue to deliver quality to the space.

Beyond Blocks will be announcing the first major event for the new year in the next coming weeks, so make sure you turn those notifications on and be the first to know!