Beyond Blocks Podcast #001 – Bina Cho (FLETA)

Podcast #001 — Bina Cho (FLETA)

Our guest for the very first episode of the Beyond Blocks Podcast was Bina Cho.

Bina joined FLETA as the Head of Marketing Strategy this year, after organizing events for over 10 years. FLETA is a unique blockchain protocol looking to become the fastest and the most secure protocol in the space. FLETA is our Principal Sponsor for Summit Bangkok.


The FLETA project seeks to be the core platform in the transforming blockchain market, akin to the Android or iOS in the mobile environment. To allow anyone to partake in the user-centric blockchain platform market, they wish to overcome the limitations of existing protocols and create a perfect decentralized economy through the independence and scalability of DApps.


Aside from Bina’s personal background and the FLETA platform, we discussed multiple topics that will also be brought up at Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok. One of those is scalability; how are you going to talk about mainstream adoption when you can’t scale? Bina explained how FLETA deals with solving the scalability problem and mentioned that they’re now able to process 1500 transactions per second, and that they’re working towards 20k tps. They have their own consensus algorithm, called ‘Proof-of-Formulation’.

In the second half of the podcast, you’ll get to hear her point-of-views on key industry matters; the conversation went from decentralization to privacy, and from geographical aspects to the current market and space in general.

Listen to the full podcast here

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00:00–00:50 Intro
00:50–1:20 Bina Introduction
1:20–3:00 Conferences
3:00–4:20 Bina’s Career
4:20–6:50 FLETA
6:50–8:30 Scalability
8:30–10:00 ‘The Scalability Trilemma’
10:00–11:50 Consensus Algorithms
11:50–13:00 Decentralization
13:10–15:35 Privacy
15:35–17:15 Competition
17:15–20:45 Asia’s Blockchain Industry
20:45–22:15 Current Market
22:15–23:55 The Cryptocurrency Space
23:55–26:00 Branding
26:00–27:15 Beyond Blocks x FLETA
27:15–27:50 Outro

Beyond Blocks will be hosting the next major blockchain conference in the heart of Bangkok, at the InterContinental hotel. After this sold-out, record-breaking event in Seoul, the momentum continues it’s way to Bangkok, where the world will witness exactly why Southeast Asia is the region on the rise for blockchain innovation.

Why you need to be at Summit Bangkok:

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  • Because Bangkok is one of the liveliest cities in Southeast Asia!

Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok 2018

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  • Venue: The InterContinental Bangkok
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Beyond Blocks Blockchain Week 2018

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