Japan is the “New Heart” of Bitcoin & Blockchain

Japan & Blockchain are a match made in tech heaven. This article will explain why.

Yes, Japan and blockchain are indeed a match made in tech heaven. It makes sense. In 2017, blockchain and cryptocurrencies inevitably dominated the global discussion, and Japan is one country that has shown a particular enthusiasm for this new paradigm. Japan is commonly known to be a nation that is very open to new technologies, no matter how far-fetched or futuristic, complicated and strange they may seem.

With all the positive news this year from Japan — from developing clear and fair laws to regulate virtual currency exchanges, to legally clarifying that bitcoin is now considered an asset and a payment method, it’s only appropriate to acknowledge the country’s deep history with blockchain/cryptocurrency. We can clearly see both the tech-savvy population and the government engaging in and encouraging blockchain technology in Japan, again putting the country at the forefront of international technological development.

Japan and the Adoption of Blockchain Technology

There have been a convincing amount of Japanese businesses and investment firms that have opted to test blockchain technology as a way to streamline and upgrade their operations.

A case from earlier this year outlines how Japan’s biggest energy giant (TEPCO) invested in an Ethereum Blockchain startup. Read about it in our Medium post here!

Other recent news highlighted that large Japanese brokerages launched a consortium dedicated to driving the adoption of blockchain and other innovative technologies with the goal of boosting efficiency and providing more convenient services to their customers. SBI Securities, Rakuten Securities as well as conventional brokerages like Nomura Securities and Daiwa Securities are just a few of the brokerages spearheading the venture into new cutting-edge technologies like the blockchain. [1]

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[1] Japan’s brokerages joining to adopt blockchain — Article from Nikkei Asian Review: https://asia.nikkei.com/Tech-Science/Tech/Japan-s-brokerages-joining-to-adopt-blockchain

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