Michael Arrington – Speaking For the First Time in Korea

In this article, you will find a recap of the panel that Michael Arrington took part in during Summit Seoul, as well as his exclusive video interview with Beyond Blocks.

Interviewer: “Thank you very much, Michael Arrington for joining us today. So, this being your first time in Seoul (and Korea in general), how has your experience been so far?”

Arrington“Terrible. This country is terrible.” he said with a straight face.  “The people are unfriendly, the city is dirty, I’m having a terrible time… Nah, I’m just kidding.” 

Introducing J. Michael Arrington – more on his background.

Magazines like Wired and Forbes once named him one of the most powerful people on the internet, the Wall Street Journal named him a ‘power broker’ and Time Magazine featured him in 2008’s TIME 100, where he was accompanied by Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Rupert Murdoch — among others — in the ‘Builders and Titans’ section.

He’s a heavily opinionated and articulate individual, known for shaking things up, and he definitely showed that again at Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul 2018. In the ‘Investor Insights — Equity vs Tokens’ panel, he got into a discussion with (Arrington XRP Capital advisor) Dovey Wan, after which he got an applause from the crowd. You can watch it yourself here:

In our exclusive interview with Michael, he also showed us a different side. He talked about regulations, ‘why Ripple’, said that millennials don’t know anything and described how hard it was to raise money from VCs back in Silicon Valley.

“…even for me, as an American white male, that has the highest chance of getting funding. If you’re a minority or a woman, it’s almost impossible to get money from venture capitalists, but it’s starting to change slowly… But instead of changing that industry slowly, this has just been a complete reboot; anybody in the world can raise money, without having to go to Silicon Valley.”
Tune in to the full interview below – and for a long-term market prediction, make sure you watch until the end.

Beyond Blocks will be hosting the next major blockchain conference in the heart of Bangkok, at the InterContinental hotel. After this sold-out, record-breaking event in Seoul, the momentum continues it’s way to Bangkok, where the world will witness exactly why Southeast Asia is the region on the rise for blockchain innovation.

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Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok 2018

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