Partnering up with Hashed at Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul

Collaborating with the Hashed team for Summit Seoul 2018 undoubtedly helped leverage our presence in the Korean blockchain community, leading to the Beyond Blocks event to sell out for the first time. The organization team looks back at the event and the partnership with joy, and we’d like to extend another note of appreciation to all the members of Hashed that were involved with the process.

This article recaps the keynote and panel discussions from the representatives of Hashed, and also includes video summaries of both presentations.

Keynote by Simon Kim: The State of Blockchain in Korea

CEO of Hashed, Simon Kim stated that Korea has always been an early adopter in new global technology trends and that – with the fastest internet connection, with the highest mobile phone adoption and with their population density, “Korea is truly a hyperconnected country”.
Furthermore, Simon said that “they’re not just early adopters, but they’re actively pursuing new ways to engage in economic activity”.

Simon says the spirit of decentralization could and should be expanded. Many leading Korean tech companies have already been participating in decentralization projects – like Kakao, Terra and Watcha, the ‘Korean Netflix’.
At the moment, he sees a shift happening from a trader’s community to a developer community – and when mentioning regulations, he stated the fact that there is still no effective law in place (even in regards to the feared ICO ban that was never employed).

Panel: Entering the Korean Market 101

Chief Business Officer of Hashed, Alex Shin was the moderator on this panel, in an insightful discussion about the challenges of entering the Korean market, and what’s needed to thrive in it. He was joined by Erica Kang of KryptoSeoul, Dr. Jin Ho Hur of SEMA Translink Investment, Sinhae Lee of Block72 & GBIC, and Allen Kho of MediBloc.

Check out the video recap.

Hashed is an accelerator, shaping the Korean blockchain industry through its unique approach to finding and nurturing nascent projects. The range of the portfolio includes projects ranging from cryptographic wallet utility applications to public blockchain protocols like ICON and reverse ICOs.
The entire team has entrepreneurial or engineering backgrounds and an idealistic view on blockchain. Hashed accelerates the global application of decentralization projects through impact investment and community building.
From the earliest days of the project, Hashed helps projects to stay competitive in the global market and grow their communities, from creating white papers and design token models based on the theoretical foundation to building relationships with strategic investors and community builders in key regions.
Their key-focus is ‘acceleration’, or ‘time-saving’. The market environment is changing at such a rapid pace that one year of the cryptographic market is 20 years of the general world. Therefore, it is very important to quickly bring the level of the project to a standstill by discussing the concept, knowledge, and network of desirable decentralization we are dealing with and the project team in close consultation.
Hashed looks to introduce new players from around the world into the Korean blockchain industry in the hopes of stirring international impact.

Beyond Blocks will be hosting the next major blockchain conference in the heart of Bangkok, at the InterContinental hotel. After this sold-out, record-breaking event in Seoul, the momentum continues it’s way to Bangkok, where the world will witness exactly why Southeast Asia is the region on the rise for blockchain innovation.

Why you need to be at Summit Bangkok:

– Full two-day access to the conference and exhibitions
– World-class speakers and industry leaders
– Meetups, workshops and amazing networking opportunities
– Because Bangkok is one of the liveliest cities in Southeast Asia!

Beyond Blocks Summit Bangkok 2018

Beyond Blocks Blockchain Week 2018

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  • Location: Various locations in Bangkok
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