Summit Tokyo — Workshop Agenda

Looking to dig even deeper into blockchain and cryptocurrency while you’re at the conference? We’ve curated a set of workshops with renowned enterprises so you can do just that.

Workshop Schedule Day 1 — April 4th

  • 13:00–14:00 — Lunch
  • 14:00–14:30 — Workshop: Starbase
    How ICO Platforms can help innovative projects

Starbase is an ICO consulting & crowdfunding platform, based in Switzerland and Singapore. They recently completed their own ICO and their mission is to lower the technical and legal barrier around ICO

  • 14:30–15:00 —Workshop: Kik Interactive
    Aligning Incentives in the Digital Service Ecosystem

The smartphone has become an increasingly powerful tool in the hands of a consumer; both to create and capture value. As consumers, we have an opportunity to connect across borderless digital communities — globalization in its purest form. However, the increasing monopolization of the digital service ecosystem is manufacturing borders. By controlling the flow of information and data, centralized monopolies are inhibiting the ability for users to maximize their potential value creation. Everyone has a unique set of talents and a unique set of needs. A decentralized ecosystem empowers everyone to create value for each other in a truly borderless digital sharing economy — a marketplace of equal opportunity where unique needs are met by empowered individuals with unique talents to match.

  • 15:00–15:30 —Workshop:
    How to Own, Grow, and Build a Social Audience

There are over 3 billion active social media users worldwide. In a time when social networks are entrenched in our everyday lives, the team at will teach you how to harness your followers. Explore the tools and insights you can utilize to own, grow, and build a social audience. Some examples include tracking the growth of your accounts, posting at the right time to maximize engagement, and making sure you’re reaching the people that matter the most.

Whether you’re an individual or a brand, don’t miss this chance to take back control of your social media!

  • 16:00 — Tea Break

Workshop Schedule Day 2— April 5th

13:45–15:30 — Duration: 105 minutes

Demo Day Showcase: Leading Reverse ICOs from Korea
As an exclusive collaboration with Beyond Blocks, these blockchain companies are making their product debut outside Korea for the first time. Come see them represent what the latest product trends are in Korea right now. Limited seating only!

MVL Foundation
Founder/CEO: Kay Woo

Kay Woo is CEO of MVL Foundation, previously, easi6. Kay has been in the global mobility industry for over five years, providing a mobility platform in major Asian countries like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea. He has been selected as partner for 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang and awarded by South Korea’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for his contribution to the development of land transportation in 2017. Now his journey continues in the blockchain world with the MVL Ecosystem that connects mobility services and people to collect a lifetime data of mobility units, including vehicles.

Carry Protocol
Founder: Grant Sohn

Grant is an entrepreneur based in Seoul, South Korea where he co-founded Korea’s largest smb loyalty service called dodopoint, which serves over 10,000 merchants and 16 million end users.
Prior to that he set up operations across Asia for Rocket Internet and consulted businesses with McKinsey and Company. He is originally from Seattle and successfully escaped the rain by attending Stanford, where he majored in economics.

Copyright Protocol
Founder/CEO: Taehoon Park

Taehoon Park the co-founder and CEO of Copyright Protocol, previously, WATCHA Inc. Launched in 2011, WATCHA is Korea’s leading personalized recommendation platform for movies, TV shows and Books — with over 370 million reviews across 3.7M users in S. Korea and Japan on Watcha, Watcha Play, Watcha Music, and Watcha Webtoon. Watcha Play is often regarded as the Netflix of Korea, successfully signing licensing deals with 50+ content providers like Disney, HBO, Sony Pictures, Fox Network Group, BBC Worldwide and more.

Previously, Taehoon worked for the North American release of one of the most successful games in RPG history, MapleStory during his tenure at Nexon. He’s a computer scientist dropout from KAIST, graduated early from Seoul Science High School and has been named 2030 Power Leaders by Forbes Korea in 2014.

TTC Protocol
VP of Ecosystem: Chase Chang

Chase Chang is the VP of Ecosystem at TTC, a decentralized protocol out to disrupt today’s centralized social networks. Prior to joining the TTC Foundation, Chase was COO & a member of Board of Directors of Retrica, a camera app with over 350 million downloads. Chase also served as the VP of Global Business at LINE Pay and Head of Partnership & New Business at LINE Thailand. Chase was one of first 4 members in LINE Thailand. During his tenure, Chase led major partnership with top companies such as Samsung, Huawei, AIS, True, DTAC and 7Eleven and LINE Thailand grew to become the #1 messenger app with over 30 million MAU, generating over $100 million USD. He also launched various services in Thailand, such as LINE Webstore, LINE Music and LINE Pay.

Chase fell in love with startups while working at SoftBank Ventures, where he started his career as an analyst. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering (EE) from University of Wisconsin.

Founder/CEO: Howon Song

In 2014, Howon started Huiseoul; a mobile platform for skincare counseling and product purchases. Today it is the number one mobile direct sales business in China booking over $40 million USD last fiscal year. After 4 years of selling in the beauty industry and with over 5 million customer skin data in it’s books, it was only natural for Howon to move Huiseoul’s vibrant community into Cosmochain. Howon hold an MD from Yonsei University and an MBA from Stanford University.

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