The Fireside Chats | Summit Bangkok 2018

In this article, you will find a recap of our four fireside chats at from #BBBKK2018.

Charles Hoskinson (Founder, IOHK-Cardano)

Not just one, but both founders of Input-Output Hong Kong joined us on stage for an insightful fireside chat. IOHK is the company behind Cardano and the Ada cryptocurrency that launched a year ago. With their experience at both Ethereum and Cardano, this was a rare chance to hear about the future of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and their global applications. This was the first time both IOHK founders were on stage together.

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Watch our insightful interview with Charles where he talks about his vision, aspirations and what he thinks about EOS as well as the future of blockchain.

Interview Topics with Charles:

    • Background, Legacy & Ambition
    • Initial & Current Vision
    • Market Outlook
  • Removing Centralized Entities
  • Influence & Control
  • Response To EOS

His stance on EOS:
“…It’s just wildly dishonest. What are you doing? It disgusts me at a deep, deep level; the arrogance, the entitlement, and the attitude their ecosystem has…”

Gigi Levy-Weiss (Managing Partner, NfX)

Over the last decade, Gigi has turned into one of the most prolific technology investors in Israel; he’s a two-time CEO, founder, board member, and super-angel. Currently he is the managing partner with NFX, a top Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and (he) is also known as a keen blockchain investor being involved with multiple well-known projects, such as Bancor and Civic.

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Watch our interview with Gigi where he talks about his philosophy, why he is an Investor and what makes Blockchain an important industry for him.

Interview Topics:

  • Speaking in Asia
  • From AirForce Pilot to Investor
  • MEET — Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow
  • Gambling on Blockchain
  • DApps
  • The Current Market

On the ‘peace industry’:
“I’ve been involved with this since I was 14. Instead of ‘investing in today’, I decided to ‘invest in the future’ (regarding activities to promote peace between Israelis and Palestinians). We started a few projects, MEET is one of those. Learning the narrative from the other side is important, because…”

Justin Chow (Head of BD, Cumberland)

Justin started his career as a distressed debt and securities analyst within the hedge fund industry, after earning a BS in economics and psychology from Columbia University. In 2012, he became a global macro trader at hedge fund Citadel, where he specialized in trading and managing portfolios of foreign exchange and liquid futures.

Bonnie Cheung

Focused on blockchain and an avid speaker on all things crypto, Bonnie is a Partner at 500 Startups — one of the most active seed investors globally with over 1800+ portfolio companies — where she leads its blockchain investments. You might have seen her calling out Bitcoin as ‘boring’ in an interview on Bloomberg.

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Our interview with Bonnie has insightful information on startup investing, venture capital, and her views on whether Hong Kong Blockchain ecosystem is overrated.

Interview Topics:

  • Conference Experience
  • Involvement of VCs
  • Cutting Through The Noise
  • Pivoting
  • Overrated or Underrated

“Does 500 Startups’ Bonnie Cheung feel blockchain, AI, and … are underrated or overrated? Find out in these videos!”

Stay tuned for a big announcement on the next summit.