The Tokyo Experience — Pt.3: TOP EATS WITH ABASA PHILLIPS.

For Part 3 of our series, we asked long-term Japan resident Abasa Phillips for a list of his favorite things to eat in Tokyo — and what a delicious list it is. We’re also happy to have Abasa is a key speaker & moderator at Summit Tokyo in April!

A little background on Abasa Phillips

Abasa Phillips is the founder of ZILLA, has been in the payment industry since 2009 and involved with cryptocurrencies since 2011.

Born in the U.S., he’s been living in Japan for 14 years, has been speaking Japanese for 19 years, and his favorite Japanese saying is:

七転八起 (Fall Seven Times Get Up Eight), or 猿も木から落ちる (Even Monkeys Fall From Trees). [1]

Given his resume, Abasa is the perfect candidate for a ‘Top Eats Tokyo’ feature — here’s his take.

Abasa’s Top Eats in Tokyo

His #1 Favorite: Kuumba Du Falafel 
“If you want a culinary ’wholly shit’ moment, you will get it here. I guarantee you’ve never had food like this before. And it’s falafel. If you want to choose one place on this list, this is it. The restaurant is hard to get to, they take a long time, and it’s usually packed, but if I had to choose one meal before I die it would be this. And it’s vegan. Insane.”

A falafel wrap from Kuumba De Falafel

For a great burger: Blacows
“I don’t eat beef anymore but my friends can’t stop talking about this place. About 10 years ago, Japan went through burger mania. This place stands out as one of the top.”

A mouth-watering burger from Blacows

For a slice: Da Isa
“This is the best pizza that I’ve ever eaten in my life. No joke. By far. The guy that runs it won the world pizza cup in Naples for 3 years in a row. It’s real Italian pizza not NY pizza (which I also enjoy).

Hisanori Yamamoto, owner of Pizzeria e trattoria da ISA, serves 600 to 800 pies a night – THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

For bowls of fine ramen: Afuri
“Really good Ramen. Nuff said.”

A treasuresome bowl out from Mt. Afuri

For fancy soba noodles: Tamawarai
“Michelin starred Soba restaurant. This is where I go on pay day.”

Soba noodles

For everyday soba noodles: Asahiya
“Everyone has their Soba/Tempura spot. This is mine. Nothing fancy, no tourists, just okincredible food.”

Spicy clear noodles: 七宝 Malatan
“Amazing noodles where you pick the vegetables.”

Spicy clear noodles from Malatan

For delicious sushi: IT’S A SECRET
“I keep my sushi spots to myself but you can pretty much guarantee good sushi in Japan.” 🙁

“It’s actually difficult to find bad Japanese food or Ramen in Japan. Anywhere you go, cheap or expensive, will be pretty much incredible.”

It doesn’t get anymore authentic than that! Much appreciation to Abasa for taking the time to grace us with delicious food ideas for our visit to Tokyo.

Beyond Blocks Summit Tokyo 2018 is just around the corner!


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