To Another Remarkable Event! [Recap]

Here’s to an amazing two-day event that brought over a thousand blockchain enthusiasts and an incredible speaker panel list that received rave reviews from our attendees.

Gabriel Yang, COO of Beyond Blocks gets things going with the opening address at Summit Tokyo.

The Westin Tokyo — the home of another unprecedented blockchain conference hosted by your team at Beyond Blocks. We brought over a thousand attendees from all over the world — with a significant number of them coming from the Japanese community. The two-day event forged itself as a powerful networking platform, creating synergy between investors, startups and reputable blockchain and crypto companies.

Yuzo Kano, Co-Founder & CEO of bitFlyer kicks off the speaker agenda to a packed house discussing “The State of Japan”.

World-Class Speakers and Panel Discussions

The blockchain space is filled with inspiring individuals. People that are willing to advance the technology to new heights and establish their footprint in this next generation tech industry.

We brought a long list of renowned speakers to our panel discussions, and they surely did not disappoint with the amount of high-value content that was shared. Here are some of the highlights through photos:

Jack Lu, CEO of Wanchain announcing the first ICOs to utilize the Wanchain platform. Wanchain has grown to become one of the most visible and reliable public blockchain platforms worldwide. It aims to provide the cross-chain protocol that can connect all the chains in the future. Meanwhile, since Wanchain is a public chain, its ecosystem has several vertical LANchains to help them successfully embrace the blockchain technologies.
Panel: The Art of Trading and Investing. Moderator: Jonathan Ha, CEO, Red Pulse
John Burbank, Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Passport Capital
Phil Woods, Managing Partner, Abele International Pte Ltd
Darius Sit, Managing Partner, QCP Capital
Kazuki Obata, CEO, Smart Contract Inc.
Nithin Eapen, Chief Investment Officer, Arcade Crypto Ventures
Panel: Protocols of the Future. Moderator: Masa Keith Nakatsu
Jack Lu, Founder, Wanchain
Matthew Spoke, Founder, AION
Matteo Zago, Founder, Essentia One & President, Internet of Blockchain Foundation
Andrew Hyde, Head of Community, Origin Protocol
Dr. Patrick M. Bryne explains that for thousands of years mankind has been trading money for goods creating a third-party dependency. Using the Blockchain allows people to trade with each other in a trust-less fashion (with no intermediary); what Byrne calls “consensual exchange.”

Digging Deeper with Intimate Workshops

For our attendees who were looking to dig even deeper, we curated a set of workshops spearheaded by established blockchain companies as well as rising startups that made their product debut outside of their base country for the first time.

[View full workshop schedule]

Do you know how much your personal data is worth? How do you think companies are making from selling your data? Datum answered these questions and more in their workshop on Day 1 of Summit Tokyo.
Grant Sohn, an entrepreneur based in Seoul debuted their Carry Protocol product outside of Korea for the first time.

Back-to-Back After Parties

We hosted two after-parties in Tokyo, one for each day of the event. They were both received very well as great opportunities to network and discuss all the happenings from a full day of action at the conference. The free flow definitely helped as well!

DAY 1 — Beyond Blocks House Party X Ninety Two 13 by Tokyo Chapter

Ninety Two 13 by Tokyo Chapter — a co-working hub for blockchain startups in and around Tokyo.

DAY 2 — Beyond Blocks Closing Party X NOS Bar&Dining Ebisu

From the team at Beyond Blocks, THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for news on where we land next!

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